The Research Team of Associate Professor Dr. Naratip Vittayakorn awarded the "Best Oral Presentation Award"

               The research team of Associate Professor Dr. Naratip Vittayakorn, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, KMITL, was awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award from the works of Microstructural, Dielectric and Optical Properties of [KNbO3] 0.9 - [BaNi0.5Nb0.5, O3] 0.1 Perovskite Ceramics by S. Sriphan, N. Vittayakorn,  S. Kiravittaya, and T. Bongkarn, presented by Dr. Saichon Sripun, postdoctoral researcher, Advanced Materials and Application Research Unit, Faculty of Science, KMITL, at the conference of the Siam Physics Congress 2018 (SPC 2018),May 21-23, 2018 at Topland Hotel & Convention Center, Phitsanulok Province.

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