Pope Tanawat, Super Star Graduated from KMITL


For the year of 2018, most of Thai people always know the super star acting as the role of Muen Suntorndewa (Por Date) (or Major Suntorndewa) in the TV drama Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat, Pope Tanawat Wattanaputi (Ta-na-wat  Wat-ta-na-pu-ti), the leading TV star of Thai TV Channel 3. He is one of the beautiful fruits graduated from KMITL, Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Communication Design. 

Pope Tanawat was born on December 27, 1982, to a family of 2 children. He has 1 older sister. He is the second child of the family. He finished his primary school from Patai Udom Suksa School, junior high school from Horwang School, vocational certificate from College of Fine Arts, and certainly, Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Communication Design, Faculty of Architecture, KMITL, with the initial student ID of 44… After graduating, he has worked at Modernform Group Public Company Limited as Computer Graphic Designer for 5 months. After having won the audition on the project of “Audition for Actor as Jadej; the Winner Over the 10 Directions” , he resigned from the company to prepare himself for the promising acting role. In his free time, he always teaches the arts subject in the project “To Be Number One” together with being football coach for children. Pope completely becomes the actor in 2006 and he also has a great time to be the student of Master Mui or Tan Mui, Moe Jao Chaa Dtree Cha Lerm Yu Kon, the famous Thai movie producer.

It becomes the wonderful time supporting Pope to be the actor in the movie “The Legend of the King Naresuan, 3”. For the great play roles that can make him really famous, he played the support role in the drama of “Dok Som See Thong : Golden Orange Flowers” as Nut, and main role in “Khun Chai Pawornruj” as  Khun Chai Pawornruj.  Moreover, Pope has ever frequently been nominated for many awards of Entertainment Industry or Show Biz for the fact that he always is the capable actor of good character.

Pope has also ever responded the interviewer team of KMITL “… When having studied at the Faculty of Architecture, KMITL, I used some learning technique of relaxation, paying high attention in the class, focusing on doing homework and handing in  all homework without failure, being easy for learning times, finding someone smart enough for the teamwork learning in the class, never being too serious for any class…”. Moreover, Pope, the famous alumni of KMITL also confirmed that he felt thank you every instructor. He also cheered up all KMITL’s students to work hard and smart with high attention in any class and to believe in words of instructors, anyone of doing best with high attention and trial must be offered the best fruits of acting. 

KMITL sincerely appreciates and would like to be the one supporting for the great success to him and also to all great alumni being wholesome decorating fruits of Thai societies and being the wholesome idols to all KMITL’s students and to many Thai youths; as the vision of KMITL; being patient, working hard with behavior of morality.   


By : Sidarus

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