Orm Kongpop Koommongkol Brand Ambassador Kerry Express

Many of you may have ever seen these billboards in different buildings nationwide recently, however, do you know who the handsome young model is and where he comes from?
Let’s start reviewing him more. Kongpop Koommongkol graduated bachelor’s degree of Management Technology In the academic year of 2015 and Master's degree in MBA 4 + 1  in the academic year 2016 from the Faculty of Management, KMITL. When he was the student, he paid his time for the class together with joining activity of the campus, such as, being tutor for senior school students to be ready for KMITL admission, being assistant student of One Stop Service, and being model for KMITL’s public relation media.  This is the initial push of his work as his experience while studying at King Mongkut's University of Technology Ladkrabang.

Orm told us that while studying at KMITL, he had his techniques in learning .....
Because he knew himself well that he was only fair smart  learner, so he must not  be afraid of asking teachers or friends to help him to have more clear understanding.
He  said that he could have both good friends and teachers because he asked very often until he could have better understanding. The trick was that he would never escape from any doubt, but had to do until getting clear understanding, we must know the solutions well to be applied for the further classes. Also, he had to manage his times… He really loved exercise but it never conflict against his studies. He never missed his classes. Any favorite one must be the first priority, attending class on time to prepare related questions for the teachers of the classes. After his graduation, he joined Kerry Express (Thailand) Ltd, working as the job of Job Procedure Improvement Training. According to his outstanding talent and personality, he was approved to be the proper advertising presenter of Kerry Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
There are billboards presented his advertising posture at many buildings across the country, or even on the BTS, outside the trains,  there are also posture of him alongside the expressways.
Orm also mentioned to all students who are studying that he wanted every student to learn their best, harvest helpful experience from the University life as much as possible, such as socialization, teamworking, punctuation, responsibility of homework, focusing, and recreation. Such the harvested one must be helpful for future life outside the university well.
For those of children who just were new coming students, he wished being very lucky to be the KMITL’s freshies because KMITL’s students always good and the social also was great and helpful.
Whenever having opportunity, do not miss the great time to join KMITL’s activities. He wanted all students to join them to open the wide world, to know more people and to set the goals of life, to know how to reach the set one: Never ever forget it.
And for anyone seeking for the right jobs or almost finishing the degree, he told that joining job training in the right industry must be really crucial. It could be the way to present the capability through the job training. It could be the way to harvest job experience and the company could see competency from the responding of the work. Fighting forever and pride of the first salary would be gained.   
This is one of the good examples and one more pride to the alumni from the Faculty of Management, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, who can show successful study graduated from the Institute to serve society effectively.
News from: General Administration and Public Relation Office, KMITL

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